Thank you to everyone for your support and positive comments during the recent Ofsted inspection.

School Governors (Local Advisory Board - LAB)

Mr Mark Clutsom


Mrs Tasha Davis

Chair of Governors/Community Governor

Mrs Lynne Dewar

Parent Governor

Mr Ian Jenkin

Parent Governor

Miss Rosie Granger

Staff Governor

Mr David Bunney

Community Governor

Mrs Catherine Brewer

Community Governor

Mrs Rachel Lean

Clerk to Governors
In 2017-18 there was one formal complaint made to Charlestown Primary School, it did not result in formal procedures as it was resolved at an early stage.
Charlestown Primary School Vision Statement
Inspire, Enrich and Enlighten
 School Aims
"Promote the highest standards of work and behaviour and to provide opportunities for success for all children in a caring environment of mutual trust, respect and harmony."
We believe in…
  • A safe, caring and stimulating environment
  • Equality of opportunity
  • Respect for all individuals, valuing diversity
  • Quality teaching and learning
  • High expectations of achievement and behaviour
Our school aims to:
1. Promote high self-esteem through the recognition of individual qualities
2. Encourage self-respect, forgiveness, honesty, confidence, humour and independence
3. Foster an understanding and appreciation of our multi-cultural society
4. Realise the intellectual and physical potential of all
5. Develop enthusiasm, independent thinking and learning
6. Promote an understanding of spiritual and moral values which reflects the core virtues of our school
7. Inspire imagination, creativity and a sense of awe and wonder
Chair of Governors
Mrs Tasha Davis
c/o Clerk to Governors
Charlestown Primary School
Crinnis Rd 
PL25  3PB