Open days for prospective Reception children (Sept. 2020) are: Tuesday 29th October at 9.30am, Wednesday 6th November at 1.30pm and Wednesday 27th November at 1.30pm and 6pm

School council / eco-council

Our school council is made up of representatives from each class.  Each year, children are asked to vote for their reps.  In turn, the council then elect a chairperson, secretary and treasurer.
The council is supervised by Mr Tate, one of our TAs.
Their role is to bring suggestions from their friends of how we can improve the school.  Councillors also agree on which charities to support each year.
Every year, they have a small budget (and can ask for more from the Governors or PTA if they want to spend more).  They have used this to buy awards for the annual Charlestown's Got Talent show, as well as board games for children to play during wet playtimes.
The council also looks at the feedback from the annual pupil questionnaire to see if there are things which need to be improved based on that feedback for their friends.
In addition, two of our councillors meet with the ACE Trust School Council each term to share ideas of events we can do together as well as learning from each other.