We are holding open afternoons for parents/carers of children starting school in September 2018, on 14th & 28th November between 1:30 & 2:30.


Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO)

Mrs Dyer works with teachers, families and children to ensure that children get the best opportunities to reach their potential whilst at our school.

If you need to contact Mrs Dyer please contact her via email or leave a message with the school office team.

Please note that Mrs Dyer works part time and so may not be able to see you imediately. If you have urgent concerns please talk to either Mr Clutsom or Mrs Leonard.

Admissions of children with an Educational Health Care Plan 

How places are allocated

If you apply for a place in the school and the number of applications is not greater than 30 then you will be automatically offered a place. However if this number is exceeded, then after the admission of pupils with Education Health Care Plans, where Charlestown Primary is named as the school, the published criteria  will be applied.