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Year 4 Watergate Bay

Weekly Tasks for Distant Learning
Below you will find the weekly tasks set for each week. There will usually be 5 tasks (writing, reading, maths, science, topic) and the relevant resources will be added here for you to download if you cannot access them through 'Teams'.
Please find the Watergate Stream Channel below the Previous Weekly Tasks. Use the next buttons to view previous videos uploaded. 

 Summer 1 Week 6 WB 18th May

Welcome to week 6! :) A whole half term has nearly passed. I am so impressed with all of your distance learning so far. You are all amazing!



Write a newspaper report from an extract of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Put your writing skills to the test and show us what you are made of! Find all information in Assignments.




Welcome to the coin conundrum challenge! Watch the video and use your knowledge of coins to solve problems. Why not make your own problem to challenge your parents!?                          



Learn all about the water cycle in science this week. There are loads of cool activities to choose from to show what you have learnt.



I wonder what life was like in the Roman army? Learn all about it this week and choose a task to complete.

                              *Bonus maths: Create a Venn diagram to compare the types of Roman soldier.                 



Stormwolf II: Complete the activities based on chapter 4. You don't have to do all of them.  Don't forget to read chapter 5 on Friday!           



If you finish the work and would like some more things to do:

  • Do what you would normally do like reading and TTRockstars
  • Do some homework from the Romans grid
  • Check out your bonus ideas file for extra things to do.
  • Look at the websites on the website link page or your teams tabs.
  • Do some flipgrid videos! I love to see those. :)
  • Have some fun! Do something fun. You don't need to stick to what we put on teams.









Previous Weekly Tasks
Below find PDF documents of all the tasks of previous weeks. 

Mr Matthew Tooke

Class teacher