In line with government guidance our school is working towards a wider opening. Currently, we are open to key worker's children, vulnerable children and invited year groups.

Year 5 Fistral

Weekly Tasks for Distance Learning
Please find the weekly tasks below. This week the theme is Cornwall, so come on Fistral teach me everything you know about Cornwall. 
Sum 2 Wk 6 06.07.2020
Protecting and helping our world - Global Learning 
Sum 2 Wk 5 29.06.2020 - The Big Question 
How was our world created?
Sum 2 Wk 4 22.06.2020 - Sports
Sum 2 Wk 3 15.06.2020 - Magic
Sum 2 Wk2 08.06.2020 - Minibeasts
Sum 2 Wk 1 01.06.2020 - Beautiful Cornwall
Useful resources for learning at home

Miss Selina Brown

Class teacher

Year 5 had a fantastic visit from the author Andrew Clover. Following his discussion about how he writes his books, the children had the opportunity to buy one of his books. As you can see Fistral wasting no time in reading them.